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Capsicum Oleoresin

Capsicum Oleoresin

The company is a highly acclaimed Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of Capsicum Oleoresin. Capsicum Oleoresin is obtained from the natural chili with the help of physical extraction and purification processes. The Capsicum Oleoresin is a kind of concentrated hot food seasoning with high spicy content and pure flavor. The Capsicum Oleoresin is widely used in hot food and seasonings.

Quick Details
  • Type : Fruit Extract
  • Variety : Chili Extract
  • Form : Oil
  • Part : Fruit
  • Extraction Type : Solvent Extraction
  • Packaging : Drum
  • Place of Origin : Gujarat, India
  • Grade : Food Grade
  • Appearance : Dark red Oil liquid
  • Packaging Details : 200 kg/Drum Red Chili Oil & 20 Kg/Bottle
  • Storage : Sealed completely to avoid in the light in the low temperature, dry environment. Don’t store and transport with harmful material.

Uses & Details
  • Mainly used as food sauces/food seasoning and raw materials in food industry or daily used sauces in family and restaurants
  • Widely used in medicine, military and chemical industry
  • Natural capsaicin productions are mainly used in the research and development of medicine for pain relief
  • Can be made into the medicine for getting rid of drug addictions
  • Along with components of capsaicin and dihydrocapsaicin and a small part of paprika oleoresin, forms a kind of pure natural condiment with deep red color, shattered, extracted, separated, condensed and refined from the high-quality dried red chili
  • Can replace dry chili to season effectively with strong hot-irritation
  • Belongs to the natural green food, rich in protein, amino acid and so on which beneficial to our health

Specifications : Capsicum oleoresin, Oleoresin capsicum, Paprika oleoresin, Paprika extract

Test & Properties Details

Item Method Specification Index
Sensory Test
Appearance Visual Check Sticky dark red liquid
Odor Smell Check Pungency
General Analysis
Capsicin GB10783-2008 ≥ 3%
Residual Solvents (Hexane) HPLC ≤ 25mg/kg
Heavy Metal GB-T 8449-87 ≤ 20ppm
Lead (Pb) GB-T 8449-87 ≤ 2ppm
Arsenic (As) GB8450-1987 ≤ 4ppm

Different Types

Product Name Descripion Spefications
Capsicum Oleoresin Dard red oily liquid, soluble in oil 1% - 10%
Water Soluble Capsicum Oleoresin Red liquid, modified and refined, and can be uniformly dispersed in water. 1% - 5%
Colorless WS Capsicum Oleoresin Light yellow liquid, modified and refind, and can be uniformly dispersed in water. 1% - 5%