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Rennet Casein

We are a premier Manufacturer and Supplier of Rennet Casein. Rennet Casein is a high quality milk protein product produced by rennet precipitation of the casein from fresh pasteurized skimmed milk. Being a protein ring dried powder; Rennet Casein has high emulsification properties. Moreover, we hygienically pack our Rennet Casein using the quality packing materials facilitating easy and safe delivery.


Brand Name Clarion Casein
Place Of Origin Kadi  
Ingredient Fresh pasteurized skimmed milk
Condition Fresh Good
Features It has high emulsification properties
Packaging Bulk

Additional Information

Product Code Rennet Casein
Min. Order Quantity 50 Kilogram
Payment Terms T/T
Delivery Time Depends on order


Colour Creamy white
Flavour Neutral
Taste Bland


Moisture 10 % max -
pH 6.5-7.5 - 10% Soln. at 20º C
Protein (As is basis ) 80 % min -
Protein (On Dry Basis) 88 % min -
Fat 1.5 % max -
Ash 8.0-10 % max ODB
Lactose 0.5 % max -
Sediments Disc A per 25 gm -


Total plate count 10000 max per gm
Coliforms Absent max per gm
E. Coli Absent max per gm
Salmonella Absent max per 375 gm
Yeast & Mould   max per gm
Staphylococcus Aureus Absent - per gm
Listeria Monocytogenes Absent - per 25 gm
Shigella Absent - per 25 gm